Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparations - WIP

Potions/Flasks & Misc

240x Swiftness Potion
20x Swim Speed Potion
20x Elixir of Water Breathing
20x Elixir of Water Walking

10x Flask of Endless Rage (For 75-80)
15x Flask of the winds
280x Potion of the Tolvir (Guessing ill need a few more of these, seeing as i will be macroing them)
40x Skewered Eel (Not sure about these, may be not-so beneficial)10x Runescroll of Fortitude II
5x Runescroll of Fortitude
10x Runescroll of Fortitude II

15x Adventurers Journal
1x Renowned Guild Tabard
1x Guild Battle standard (When i reach friendly with the guild, ill pop guild vendor asap and buy the 15%+ XP thing - Really good when you kill many mobs at one place)
4x Illusionary Bag
15x Delicate Cardinal Rubies (For any gem slot gear you may get)
20x Enchant Boots - Minor Speed

20k Gold, mount skills etc.


Full Leather Agi Heirloom set - 2x 1h maces/1x 2h Staff
(Staff is available from the Heirloom vendor, make sure to send everything to the character who will be buying the staff)
Full lvl 80 green BOE gear, with weapons
Full lvl 85 blue BOE gear, Vicious leather stuff


NPC scanner - for them rares (Very worthy)
Note: NPCscanner does not pick up on Eastern Kingdom rares unless you tell it to - for it to work properly, check this video:

Graphic settings on low for shorter load times at release night

Reaching MAX lvl

Seeing as we wont see MoP for a while, hoarding mats to lvl two professions to 500/525 is great.
Personally ive gathered the mats for Jewelcrafting and Alchemy
- Used as a checklist.

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