Monday, July 30, 2012

UI - build or download?

During my time of playing WoW, ive gone through a lot of UIs. Both self-built & pre-made.
Come MoP, i will once again change my UI.

Here is the UI ive been running on my shaman for most of DS. Its TUKui with some twists, works wonders but im getting tired of it.
Under is a experimental UI - WIP, far from finished.
It looks sloppy, unpolished at the moment, borders and unit frames need improvement.

A UI im really excited for once its update for MoP, is Affinitiis UI -You can download it from

Someone updated the UI for Beta - with mistweaver modifications !

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Holy, 50% + XP !

The latest build introduced some new Monk class quests - with a monktastic reward. 50% more XP from quests and kills for a whole hour ! The best thing about them? They are dailies, meaning once you hit lvl 20 you get two full hours of 50% + xp.
You can get them @ Peak of Serenity - Use the teleport to get there.

lvl 20: Begin your training: Master Cheng
lvl 30: Continue your training: Master Woo
lvl 40: Continue your training: Master Kistane
lvl 50: Continue your training: Master Yoon
lvl 60: Continue your training: Master Cheng (Not the same Cheng as the first one)
lvl 70: Continue your training: Master Tsang
lvl 80: Continue your training: Master Hsu
lvl 90: Complete your training: The final test (Awards a lvl 90 Blue staff)
The daily: Practice makes perfect: Master Cheng (I figure the daily will swap betwen all of the "masters")

You can use Touch of Death on all of the minibosses, making the quests really quick. The rewards is gear whom is mostly for cosmetic use imo, the belts look amazing.

Do note though: The buff (Duration) only stacks to 2 Hours, meaning if you do a third (Quest) when you already have a 2h buff, it will be wasted. Also, the XP % increase itself does not stack - Only the duration !

You will ONLY GET ONE DAILY quest ! Its not one daily per quest, but one daily overall. If we sum this up we will have:
7xClass QUESTS
= 8 Hours of 50% + XP !!

Now comes the figuring out wheter its worth to do them as soon as they are available, or wait untill lvl 80+.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

RELEASE DATE ! 25th September

Two months til we can release the Monks !

Standard or Digital Deluxe?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First youtube vid !

First time ever healing as a Mistweaver MONK !

Did a test run in Temple of the Jade Serpent.
Mistweavers seems like tons of fun, will be uploading a run through the other 85 MoP dungeon soonish.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Where to level?

WIP, but this is what ive come up with so far.
Best time from 1-20 on Beta for me at the moment is 2:40 - Without any rares. I feel its a bit slow, need more speed.

Leveling path
Human Monk:

Eastern Kingdoms
Elwyn Forrest: 1-10
Westfall: 10-15
Redrige Mountains: 15-20
Duskwood: 20-25
Northern STV: 25-30
Cape STV: 30-35 (This part is semi-slow, dungeon runs if boosted perhaps?)
Western Plaguelands: 35-40
Eastern Plaguelands: 40-45
Badlands: 45-48
Searing Gorge: 48-49/50 (This is dependant on how fast you are lvling - Leave SG ASAP when it gets slow)
Burning steppes: 49/50-52 (Great zone imo - Dont finish it though, later quests are long)
Swamp of Sorrows: 52-54
Blasted Lands: 54-60

Depending on how many lvls you take in the later zones, you may or may not be able to reach 60 in blasted lands. Personally i will be staying in Vanilla untill 60 - its faster than going outland at 58.

Hellfire Peninsula: 60-63 (Last runthrough in HP i made it to 64, doubt ill stay here longer then 62, max 63 this time around though)
Zangaramarsh: 62/63-64/65 (Reaching 65 after HP and Zangra is done is what im aiming for)
Nagrand: 65-68

Borean Tundra: 68-72
Dragonblight: 72-73 (Hate this zone, leave ASAP upon getting 73)
Grizzly Hills: 73-75/76
Zul Drak: 75/76-77/78
Scholazar Basin: Til 80

Northrend as a whole is my least-favourite leveling place, i try to minimze the amount of zones i will be visiting. If you dont manage to reach 80 in Sholazar, do some starters in Storm Peaks/Icecrown.

Mount Hyjal: 80-82
Deepholm: 82-83
Uldum: 83-84 (84 and a half, leave when the longer quests come)
Twilight Highlands: 84-85
Cata zones are fast&fun - enjoy them !


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparations - WIP

Potions/Flasks & Misc

240x Swiftness Potion
20x Swim Speed Potion
20x Elixir of Water Breathing
20x Elixir of Water Walking

10x Flask of Endless Rage (For 75-80)
15x Flask of the winds
280x Potion of the Tolvir (Guessing ill need a few more of these, seeing as i will be macroing them)
40x Skewered Eel (Not sure about these, may be not-so beneficial)10x Runescroll of Fortitude II
5x Runescroll of Fortitude
10x Runescroll of Fortitude II

15x Adventurers Journal
1x Renowned Guild Tabard
1x Guild Battle standard (When i reach friendly with the guild, ill pop guild vendor asap and buy the 15%+ XP thing - Really good when you kill many mobs at one place)
4x Illusionary Bag
15x Delicate Cardinal Rubies (For any gem slot gear you may get)
20x Enchant Boots - Minor Speed

20k Gold, mount skills etc.


Full Leather Agi Heirloom set - 2x 1h maces/1x 2h Staff
(Staff is available from the Heirloom vendor, make sure to send everything to the character who will be buying the staff)
Full lvl 80 green BOE gear, with weapons
Full lvl 85 blue BOE gear, Vicious leather stuff


NPC scanner - for them rares (Very worthy)
Note: NPCscanner does not pick up on Eastern Kingdom rares unless you tell it to - for it to work properly, check this video:

Graphic settings on low for shorter load times at release night

Reaching MAX lvl

Seeing as we wont see MoP for a while, hoarding mats to lvl two professions to 500/525 is great.
Personally ive gathered the mats for Jewelcrafting and Alchemy
- Used as a checklist.