Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blue post - 02.08

Uplift & revival has been buffed in the latest build - and Renewing mists no longer has a target-cap.

Upcoming Windwalker Monk Changes
In an upcoming build we’re essentially doubling the healing (healing only, not damage) of Expel Harm. We’re also increasing the healing done by Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, and Chi Burst. We want the level 30 talents to be an interesting choice for all monks, but they should not become DPS rotational abilities in PvE for Windwalker monks, as it would complicate their rotations to a degree we aren’t comfortable with. Our vision for PvE Windwalkers in regards to Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, and Chi Burst is that you’ll use them rotationally or in replacement of Blackout Kick in situations where your survival is more important than DPS (say, in situations like Chimeron).

That said, Zen Sphere (and that talent tier) was never intended to be analogous to Recuperate, more so Word of Glory. Some mild to moderate self-healing is acceptable for the Windwalker in PvP, but it isn’t intended to be their forte. Their forte is intended to be their strong mobility and the fact that their damage is mostly upfront and instant, as they have very little to no periodic damage.

Monk Mistweaver Feedback
Spinning Crane Kick does not proc Eminence!
It is a bug that Zen Sphere, Chi Burst or Chi Wave don’t proc Eminence. This has been fixed internally. We also put an AOE cap on Zen Sphere’s detonate. Chi Burst not generating Mana Tea stacks has also been fixed.

We’ve also changed Eminence to be able to proc Gift of the Serpent (Mastery).

Monk (Forums)

  • Healing Sphere If allies walk through it, they consume the sphere, healing themselves for (100.5% of Spell Power + 9 or 986,50.25% of AP + 9,986). 9,986 .
  • Way of the Monk Brewmaster, Windwalker: The Monk attunes himself differently depending on the weapon type. Mistweaver: The Monk attunes himself differently depending on the weapon type. One-handed weapon Autoattack damage increased by 40%. Two-handed weapons Melee attack speed increased by 40%.


  • Renewing Mist Maximum 10 targets can have your Renewing Mist at any one time.
  • Revival Instantly heals all party and raid members within vision for (5,583 + 200.0% 13,684 + 500.0% of SP), and clears them of any harmful Magical, Poison and Disease effects.
  • Teachings of the Monastery Spinning Crane Kick While channeling Spinning Crane Kick, you also heal up to 5 nearby injured allies for 4,013 every 1 sec for 3 sec.
  • Uplift Heals all targets with your Renewing Mist active for (4,872 + 42.5% of SP). 7,794 + 68.0% of SP).

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