Saturday, August 11, 2012

RAF, RAGE & Release

Have not posted anything in a while, so here it goes.

Yes... Blizzard shat all over us speed lvlers who were aiming for the realm first FOS. I dare to say the majority of us thought Blizzard would atleast exclude those who used RAF from the race, apparently not...

We're not making any changes to the way RaF bonuses function, which means monks won't be excluded from receiving the benefits of RaF when Mists of Pandaria is released.
Will they still get realm first achievements?
Will Scroll of Resurrection be available to instant level a monk to 80?
No. That's answered here.
It really boggles my mind as to why blizzard would fuck us over like this - what it boils down it is the fact that we now HAVE to pay around 20 Euroes/Dollars in order to have a shot at realm first. Pay2Win?... Id say it is to be honest. Why cant Blizz just take those who are RAFing and give them a "You cant recieve the realm first title" notification upon zoning?
This does not benefit "anyone": Those who were going to RAF before are still going to do it, that part has not changed - and i do think they did not expect this change of pace (I can haz realm first nows?)
While the predetermined RAFers will be happy about this, those of us who have planned for nearly two months now are getting screwed. We basically HAVE to pay up to be part of the race. And yes, i do understand the whole money arguement - Blizzard will be making cash with this, near everyone who planned on racing will now be LVL granting with RAF.

But still, is Blizzard in their right to do this? Do we really want WoW to sway in this direction? This is the first time they have decided that: If you spend money on our game, you WILL get a advantage. Hear me out on this one - Unless we, as a community, rally around the fact that allowing RAFers to achive realm first is utterly wrong, Blizzard may continiue down this path. Who knows whats next, personally i think that shop-bought lvl 90s will come. I mean, why would it not?

As for me, yes, i will LVL grant with RAF, not because i like or approve of Blizzard in this scenario, but because i really want to have a go at the realm first. /Endrant

Releaseday is coming, and its coming fast. 45 days to be precise. With the newly given info on RAF and FOS, we will have to re-do our checklist of items, running speed potions are no longer needed (Sell these ASAP!!), some heirlooms will be outdated, etc. In the next few days i will be working on a updated list of materials, lasting through 80-90.
Latest patch notes
Monk (Forums)
  • Chi Burst damage and healing reduced by 25%.
  • Chi Wave (New) You cause a wave of Chi energy to flow through friend and foe, dealing 307 damage or 384 healing. Bounces up to 7 times to the nearest targets within 20 yards. When bouncing to allies, Chi Wave will prefer those injured over full health.
  • Expel Harm had a tooltip fix.
  • Chi Wave now bounces 7 times, up from 5.
The increased bounce to Chi Wave is most welcome, however, it remains to be seen if it will be able to compete with Chi burst - Even thought Chi burst took a 25% nerf.


  1. I agree, it's a shame that Blizzard would do such a thing... But it's also kind of the fault of the players : as soon as we agree to put our money on somehting, we're sending the message "Hey, that business model is fine with me, keep going" on our little scale at least.

    Gamers don't like to boycott a game or a feature, even really unethical (cf ME3) so basically, developpers keep doing greedy thing. For example, look how many people used the Scroll of Rez just for the fun of having a "instant 80" character with its exclusive gear (eventhough it's quite common)...

    Really sad that many people refuse to be "responsibale consumers" (I don't know if it's the correct expression in engligsh). :-/

  2. This advantage has existed since the moment they introduced RAF/SoR.